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Perks at work


  Perks at work

                               Perks at work

perks at work: For most of the companies, Their employees are the most valuable assets. Different companies provide different types of perks at work to keep their staff happy
and satisfied.In a recent study, it is found that 48% of people weigh company perks at work to find the next job for them. The employees who get perks at work,
do more hard work as compared to the employees who don't get perks at work. The reason is simple, that employees with perks at work are more happy and satisfied,  and they work with satisfaction.

Best perks at work

(1) Healthcare 

Healthcare is very important , this an old saying " Health is wealth " . Free healthcare along with your salary is very beneficial for you . It provides you
a sense of safety and you are free of money tensions in case of a major accident or serious illness of your and your loved ones . So Free health is one of the best perks
at work .

(2) Performance Bonuses 

Performance bonuses are the one the best perks at work . It motivates them in their work , and gives them a tangible ownership stake in their role . They will receive a bonus , if they work well and hit their goals . Banks give bonuses to their employees if they complete the given threshold in a certain period of time.
It is beneficial for both banks and employees.

(3) Flexible work schedule or work from home 

A employee who is trying to balance personal and professional responsibilities , including education and family duties . He desires for a flexible work schedule .
Both mother and father work in 60% of the household in united states . This percentage is according to report of Bureau of labor statistics .
a flexible schedule allows to work from home is very necessity for these families . A flexible schedule provides a greater quality of life . Employees feel
The employees don't have to sacrifice their career in order to focus on their family or education .
so it is One of the awesome perks at work .

(4) Paid sick days 

Paid sick days are the time that employs take off from work . They are paid by their employer by for these days , as they are paid in regular working days .
These days are very beneficial for the employs . Because they get time for rest during their days of illness .  Good companies provide sick paid days to their
employees . That's why paid sick days are one of the best perks at work .

(5) Gym memberships

Giving gym memberships to your employees is a good step . It keeps your employees healthy and fit . It is beneficial for both employees and employers . According
to the Harvard Business review , employee health programs should be taken as a strategic move and not just benefit . Healthy employees worker harder and they cast
you less . That's why it is one of the best perks at work .

(6) Paid day off for birthday 

Birthday is a special day for a person and his family . Every body wants to spend this day with his family and relatives . No one wants to work on his birthday .
If a company provides a paid day off to it's employees , it will make it's employees feel happy and very special . Instead of just giving employees a cash hiring
bonus , give employees something special .

(7) Free food 

Food is our daily need . we can't live without food . companies can make their employees feel at home , By providing them free food . It is beneficial
for companies , because it saves time .

(8) Time off during the day 

Providing off time during the day is another awesome perk at work . It allows employees to take some rest . It reduces the pressure of work . Employees feel
fresh after taking some rest and fresh employees work more harder . It is beneficial for both employees and employers . That's why it is one of the best
perks at work .

(9) Off-site events 

This another way to make your employees feel that you care about them . It builds team unity as well and it is also a great recruiting tool . So companies
should arrange off-site events to keep their valuable staff happy and fresh . It is beneficial for both the company and employees .

(10) New tablets for new hires

It is a less expensive perk , But it can really boost your hiring efforts . Give something fun to your employees , instead of giving a cash bonus . It will
help you to hire top level talent . It is again beneficial for both employers and employees . If you run a company start giving this perk , you will get
good benefits . That's why it is one of the best perks at work .

(11) Staff discounts

It is another awesome perk at work . companies should give discounts to it's staff on their products . It makes the staff happy .

(12) On-site Childcare

If you can get a licensed day-care to operate on your company property , it takes of a lot of tension off of parents . Parents will work tension free and they can see
their children during the off-time . Tension free workers do their work more harder and accurate . So companies should provide on-site childcare . This is
one of the best perks at work .

 some best perks at work provided by different companies to their employees .

(1) Google 

Google provides lots of perks to it's employees . It's benefit providing rating according to Glassdoor is 4.6 out of 5 stars . It is one most attractive
companies for the top talent .
They provide up to 22 weeks paid leave to new mothers . fathers and adoptive 7 to 12 weeks paid leave . A engineer gets 15 days paid leave during 1st year
of his careers , That jumps to 20 days after 3 years and 25 days after 5 years . Any one take 3 months unpaid leave .
employees get free meals and snacks in the office . Employees enjoy on-site gym in mountain view , California and new York city . Employees can bring their
pets on work with them in San Francisco and mountain view . These are the reason google is best attraction for the top talent . Google is so successful , because
it's staff is satisfied .

(2) . IkEA 

IKEA provides paid parental leave of four months to both part time and full time employees . But employees should have at least experience of one year at the
company . Regardless of that they work at retail store or the corporate headquarters .

The reviews of the employees about the company : Good pay , awesome benefits , culture of the company is very strong . Sick time and vacation is awesome . Company
works worldwide but you feel like a family . The building itself is very beneficial , there are shower and lockers , computer rooms . There are restaurants
which provide high quality food at very low cost . Some locations have gyms , and lactation rooms for new moms etc .

So if You Want best perks at work join IkEA .

(3) .Reebok
Reebok wants to keep it's employs healthy and fit . It provides an on-site gym with cross-fit classes to encourage it's employees to their personal fitness goals .

The reviews of the employees about the company : The company mission and values are clear , communicated often , and embraced . It's OK for a company to take
an hour for fitness and participating in fitness events is encouraged by the company.

(4) . Facebook 
Face is one of the best organization when it comes to providing perks at work . Facebook provides healthcare and free housing for it's interns . Monthly earnings of it's
many interns are more then 7000$ per month .

The reviews of the employees about the company : The worst thing is that there are so many perks at , you may not know about all of them .

(5) . American Express

Amex's leave policy is just awesome . It provides 5 months fully paid leave for both fathers and mothers. Birthing mothers receive and an extra 8 to 5 weeks under salary
continuation for medical leave. 24 hour lactation consultant access is also given to the parents. The mothers who are traveling for business can ship their
breast home for free .

 The reviews of the employees about the company : They trust their employees. It will let you to work from home if you have some serious problems.
Good pay , good benefits .

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